About Fran 

Fran brings 30 years of educational experience as a teacher, staff developer, administrator, graduate-level university instructor and published author


It's all about passion! 

We model passion for our craft, relationship building and continuous learning. 

We provide cutting edge pedagogy, supervision and organizational practices.


We support schools and school systems around the world, colleges & universities, government agencies, associations, foundations and museums. 


We support systemic change through: multi-year, long-term projects, organizational development, curriculum design, supervision and evaluation, teacher training, pedagogy and methodology

We model in-depth thinking, energy, humor and honesty. 

Welcome to The Learning Collaborative. Please explore all that we have to offer.


Analyze the complexity of endlessly moving parts.

Embrace conflict as a positive energy source.

Build high functioning teams.

Expand your negotiation skills.

Facilitate school board capacity.

Reframe ambiguity as creative opportunity. 

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Conscious planning for evidence of student 


Clarifying what students need to know and be

able to do

Align learning experiences in support of a 

learning target

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Building adult capacity, Capturing classroom practice, Claims, evidence and impact of teaching, Coaching skills, Confronting mediocre teaching, Rater-reliability, Reflective practice, Speaking to the “third point”

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Increase your repertoire of high-impact

instructional strategies that maximize 

student learning and achievement.


The Learning Collaborative has a 99% success rate as measured by client invitations to return for additional work at least once, and most clients for long-term work relationships over a period of years.


Our consulting has influenced the design of five-year strategic plans.  The training and philosophy of The Learning Collaborative is systematically woven into the annual plans of the majority of the clients with whom we work.


The Learning Collaborative work has become the bedrock of multiple system-wide professional growth plans.  We build a common language and concept system for expert instruction organically, and the professional learning support to guarantee success for all.

There is something about flying in from out of town, building a relationship based on discretion and then leaving that makes it safe for clients to speak honestly. A consultant can take liberties, push the envelope and put the cards of reality on the table without fear of reverberation. Someone living within the system may not feel comfortable doing that. 


A consultant brings an objective set of eyes, and a wealth of background knowledge, perspective and insight into how other systems have dealt with similar issues. The “Balcony View” of a consultant isn’t weighed down by personal agendas or past history.  The consultant provides alternative perspectives and becomes an unbiased thought partner. At The Learning Collaborative, all of the work is customized for your specific context.

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Dr. Morton Sherman

Deputy Executive Director, AASA, Alexandria, VA

Fran is the best staff developer I have ever known. She is smart, focused, respectful, and inspiring. Most professional developers I know are very good in one or two or areas... Fran is rare in her ability to view the world through a classroom teachers' eyes and to offer support which brings together the best thinking and research in pedagogy.

Jerald L. Newberry

Executive Director, National Education Association, Health Information Network, Emeritus

I have known Dr. Prolman professionally for nearly 20 years and I have yet to meet an instructor with her gift for training administrators, superintendents and teachers. Fran is, by nature, an interpreter. I have seen her take the most complicated concepts and have a class of 30 educators both understanding and applying them within an 8 hour class period. Fran’s love of learning is contagious. She understands that good teaching is an extremely complicated set of concepts and components. Dr. Prolman has that unique ability to build on what educators already know, moving them from rote teaching to inspired activities that engage students. It is this ability to inspire educators to engage students that is her greatest gift.